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Members discuss Resolutions

YPP 5th Session

December 07, 2016, Islamabad; Members of the 8th Youth Parliament discussed ten resolutions in the House today at the first plenary session. Majority of the resolutions regarding education and health sectors along with giving the people of Gilgit-Baltistan their due identity were passed. 


The first resolution presented before the House included effective implementation of Article 25A of Constitution of Pakistan 1973, madrassah reforms to bring religious education into mainstream, giving monthly allowance to students belonging to underprivileged backgrounds, and increasing the education budget by 4-10%. Another resolution was regarding the acknowledgement of the need for trained career counsellors in order to streamline the youth of Pakistan and make them pursue the field they like. However, a resolution on abolishing the policy of attestation of degrees by HEC was rejected owing to the incidents of ex-Parliamentarians procuring fake degrees to stand eligible for elections.


A resolution was presented regarding celebration of Eids on a single day in Pakistan. Young Members also acknowledged the drastic effects of climatic change and passed two resolutions regarding the use of air purifiers and banning the use of plastic bags. Alternatives and long-term plans were also suggested on the floor by several Parliamentarians. However, a proposal regarding the banning of smoking at public places was rejected.


Another important resolution accepted by the House suggested the distribution of power between the provincial and local Governments. 


The second plenary session of the day was conducted to discuss policy reports being drafted by the five youth standing committees, namely that on Electoral and Political System, Finance, National Security and Foreign Affairs, Right to Information, and Performance of Local Governments. The format followed by the House, as prescribed by the Youth Deputy Speaker, was as follows: the chair of each committee was given ten minutes to brief the Parliamentarians about the committee’s recommendations and dissemination plan which was followed by a ten-minute Q&A session in which several Parliamentarians gave their valuable suggestions along with criticizing some of the points on legit grounds.


The Youth Parliament Pakistan is an initiative conceived, planned and facilitated by PILDAT (www.pildat.org). The 8th Youth Parliament Pakistan is supported by the Danish International Development Agency, Government of Denmark as recognition of the importance of young people’s involvement in democracy and democratic practices.


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