About YPP


The Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP) is a platform for the Pakistani youth patterned after the National Assembly of Pakistan. The idea behind facilitating a YPP is not just to put Pakistani Youth through a mock exercise of what Parliament does and how it should work, but to inculcate in them the values and culture of democracy as central to effective governance in any society. In many ways, the process of YPP is not just following the practices adopted by Pakistani Parliament but also to introduce concepts drawing from international best practices that improve upon those practices.


Powered by PILDAT, the aim of Youth Parliament Pakistan is to strengthen Pakistani nationalism within the youth especially in these times when scepticism and self-doubt is being spread among the youth. The YPP aims to reinforce faith and confidence amongst the future political, corporate, business, legal and technological leaders of the country and give them a platform to develop and bolter their vision for Pakistan. Based on this foundation, Young people learn through the Youth Parliament on how to become active citizens and build successful careers as they are empowered to understand global, regional and local challenges of today and tomorrow and inspired to address these as next generation of leaders.

Objectives of the YPP are to groom the leadership potential of the Youth of Pakistan and to provide them with an opportunity to:

1. Develop critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity, empathy and innovation

2. Become active citizens and build successful careers

3. Understand local and global challenges of today and tomorrow and learn to address these challenges

4. Understand Political System of Pakistan and values and culture of democracy

5. Learn to be tolerant of a variety of viewpoints and engage in a rational, reason-based dialogue

6. Develop policy alternatives, based on the youth’s perspective, to address critical issues