In view of the desire of the Members of the first batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan (2007), it was decided to facilitate the formation and activities of a Youth Parliament Alumni Association (YPAA). The YPAA was formed during the sixth and last session of the first Youth Parliament, and the first Executive Committee elected on December 06, 2007.


The Objectives of the YPAA are:

A. To Create a forum for linking former and current MYPs so that they may:

    1. Collectively work for strengthening Pakistani Nationalism within the youth.
    2. To Encourage greater & more effective participation of Pakistani Youth in the democratic process.
    3. To Help future Youth Parliaments and MYPs in achieving their full potential by mentoring, sharing experience, publicity and advice.

The Alumni Association consists of the following Office Bearers that are part of the Executive Committee

  1. President
  2. Secretary General
  3. Finance Secretary
  4. (2) Session Representatives from each Youth Parliament Session

The Executive Committee Members is chosen through an Online Voting System facilitated by the Secretariat of Youth Parliament Pakistan.

  1. The Executive Committee is responsible for managing and organizing all YPAA activities.
  2. The EC may delegate responsibility to Executive sub-committees formed for specific tasks.
  3. Any Member/s of the YPAA who wishes to organize an event under the auspices of the YPAA may do so, providing they secure the consent of the Executive Committee.
  1. All former MYPs who are not terminated on disciplinary grounds by the Secretariat are eligible
  2. The YPP Secretariat will provide a list of eligible MYPs to the Executive Committee.
  3. All MYPs will be required to complete a Membership Form & pay a fee to join the YPAA.
  4. The initial Annual Fee for the year 2021 is PKR 800/- that will be reviewed on annual basis.
  5. Youth Parliament Pakistan Secretariat will have the overall control and authority to process the Memberships.

The activities of the YPAA shall consist mainly of, but not be limited, to the following:

  1. Internet Groups: The YPAA will have an effective internet presence that allows for easy communication amongst members and promotes the activities of the YPAA.
  2. Annual Get-Together: The YPAA will organize an annual get-together of all members.
  3. Mentoring Sessions: The YPAA may provide assistance to the Youth Parliament Secretariat in mentoring and training future MYPs, & be available for advice in this regard if & when requested.
  4. Workshops: The YPAA will conduct workshops that promote its objectives.


April 15, 2016 Seminar on the awareness of Youth Parliament Pakistan Mr. Malheer Khan Pato (YP2-44-SINDH05), Session 2 Representative organised a seminar on the awareness of Youth Parliament Pakistan.
April 29, 2016 LUMS University Lahore –Event on Ideology of Pakistan: Debunking the Myth Leading historians, academicians, theoreticians and parliamentarians were invited by the YPAA at LUMS University Lahore for discussion on Ideology of Pakistan and its historical correctness. Chief guest Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, Leader of the Opposition, Senate of Pakistan, Dr. Mubarak Ali, Professor Ali Usman Qasmi, Mr. Sajjad Mir and Yasir Peerzada discussed the role of national education curriculum for furthering state ideology.
April 19-22, 2016 Boy Scouts QUETTA on invitation of Speaker Balochistan Assembly On 19th May YPA Alumni was invited by the Honourable Speaker of the Balochistan Assembly to the Provincial Assembly for discussion on the constructive role of the youth. On 22nd May Secretary General YPAA Emaad Durrani and President YPAA Asad Latif Palijo addressed the Youth of Balochistan at the event organized by the Boys Scouts Balochistan with the chief guest Speaker of the Balochistan Assembly presiding.