Cost of becoming a member

Cost of becoming a member

  • There is no fee for registration or for submitting an Expression of Interest-EoI (Application).
  • All selected members will be invited to online and in-person sessions and they will participate in virtual activities without paying any fee.
  • Since expenses on travel, stay, meals, etc. will be involved in the case of in-person sessions, members will be asked to arrange for their own travel and stay. The YPP Secretariat will try its best to subsidize the charges for the in-person sessions by seeking national and international donor funding, corporate and other sponsorships.
  • Details of the in-person session and its charges will be announced before each in-person session.
  • Selective Members will be given special discounts and preference to participate in the paid sessions.
  • YPP Secretariat may aid members to gain sponsorships to attend paid sessions where applicable.

How can you sponsor yourself?

Members of 18th Youth Parliament Pakistan® may support themselves in a number of ways, including:

  • Members may pay their participation fees, travel charges, and other expenditures related to attending the YPP in-person sessions out of their own personal resources or money provided by their family.
  • Members may also generate money by planning activities like bake sales, donation drives, or crowdfunding campaigns and enlisting the support of nearby companies or groups.
  • Scholarships: Youth Parliament Pakistan® may provide deserving applicants with financial aid or scholarships if they are unable to pay the cost of attending the YPP in-person sessions.
  • Donations: Members may utilize contributions to pay for costs by asking for them from people/philanthropists or groups that support their involvement in the Youth Parliament Pakistan®.
  • Government Support: Members may also seek financial assistance from their local/provincial/federal government representatives or officials. Some of them may be prepared to sponsor young people who are eager to hone their leadership and decision-making abilities.

In conclusion, Members of Youth Parliament Pakistan® may sponsor themselves in a number of ways, and it’s crucial for them to research their alternatives and choose the one that works best for them.