Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is Youth Parliament Pakistan?

Powered by PILDAT, the Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP) invites membership from young Pakistanis based in Pakistan or overseas between the ages of 18-29 years. Much like the previous 16 Youth Parliaments, the 17th Youth Parliament will give young members a unique experience to interact with Pakistani policymakers, thought leaders, defenders of the nation, corporate leaders, social workers, strategists, technologists, high achievers, trend-setters, researchers working on future careers and those who earned good name for the country in any field.

YPP aims to make youth aware of the global, national and local developments; inform them of their rights and duties as citizens of Pakistan and the globe; prepare them to be productive and responsible citizens who are tolerant towards beliefs and viewpoints which are different from their own.

YPP also provides you an opportunity to explore and define what ‘Pakistaniat’ means for you and why should you be proud of Pakistan.

Youth Parliament Pakistan and its logo are registered (trademark no. 247060) in the name of PILDAT with the Trade Mark Registry, Government of Pakistan.

Q. How many applicants will be selected to become members of the 17th Youth Parliament Pakistan?

The proposed 17th Youth Parliament will consist of youth representatives from all the 272 constituencies of the National Assembly of Pakistan plus seats allocated to Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK), Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and Overseas Pakistanis roughly on the basis of population. YPP will consist of 300 primary members with 2 alternate members to be selected from each constituency building a large broad-based representative group of around 900 youth representatives. The alternate members will become a member if the primary member is unable to join YPP activities for any reason. Alternate members will also be invited in some of the educational activities and assigned specific constituency related tasks.

Q. How long will the term of a member of YPP be?

The length/term of 17th Youth Parliament will be 1 year. There will be several online sessions during this time on different subjects and at least one optional 5-day in-person residential session.

Q. Who is executing and supporting the Youth Parliament Pakistan project?

The Youth Parliament Pakistan has been conceived and managed by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development And Transparency – PILDAT ( which is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank of Pakistan dedicated to strengthening democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan. PILDAT serves as the Secretariat of the Youth Parliament Pakistan. The 17th YPP is currently being supported by the Bank of Punjab, Interloop Limited, University of Lahore, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, FES Pakistan and Geo/Jang group.

Q. Is there a stipend or salary for members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan?

The Youth Parliament Pakistan is a membership-based project. It is not an employment or internship opportunity for Youth; therefore, there is no salary or stipend to be paid to those who are selected as members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan.

Q. Would there be any registration fee for joining the Youth Parliament Pakistan?

There is no fee for registration or for submitting an Expression of Interest (EoI).

All selected members will be invited to attend online sessions and they will participate in virtual activities without paying any fee. Since expenses on travel, stay, meals etc. will be involved in the case of optional in-person sessions, the participation will be optional and subject to payment of expenses. YPP Secretariat will try its best to subsidize the charges for the in-person sessions by seeking corporate and other sponsorships. The details of in-person session and its charges will be announced closer to the date of the in-person activity.

Q. Can Overseas Pakistanis submit Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the Membership of Youth Parliament Pakistan?

Yes, young Overseas Pakistanis between the ages of 18-29 years on the date mentioned in the advertisement may submit EOIs for the membership. Young persons holding valid Pakistani passport but residing outside Pakistan under legal authorization of the country of residence, or those who themselves or both or one of their parents is of Pakistani origin and the young persons, though citizens of another country, holding a Pakistani Origin Card (POC) issued by the Government of Pakistan are eligible to submit EOIs as Overseas Pakistanis.

Q. What will I do once I join Youth Parliament Pakistan?

With the motto of Pakistaniyat – پاکستانیت -Members of Youth Parliament will learn to carve pathways to professional success through knowledge, intellectual curiosity, empathy and innovation that builds on individual achievements to address local, national, regional and global challenges.

YPP members will also be assigned work such as to develop a report on the status of development in their constituency or on the performance of their parliamentarians in that particular constituency, development projects in the area, verification or fact-check report on any localized incident taken place in the area, etc.

Q. Will my Performance be evaluated after I am selected to become a member of the 17th Youth Parliament?

The Youth Parliament Secretariat will monitor the performance of each Member of Youth Parliament. The Secretariat will review the status and will have the authority to make final decision about the performance of each member. In the past, performance of YPP members has been scored and ranked on the basis of a set criteria and Top three Youth Parliamentarians have been recognized by presenting them awards. This practice will be continued in the 17th YPP as well. Each YPP member in good standing will be given a certificate at the end of the term.

Q. Where do I need to submit the completed Expression of Interest Form?

The only way to submit Expression of Interest form is by visiting the website of Youth Parliament Pakistan to fill the form online and submit it online. You have the option to fill Expression of Interest form in English or Urdu and submit it online. The Youth Parliament Secretariat will announce the launch of call for Expressions of Interest and the prescribed deadline on its website.

Before filling out Urdu or English Forms, please carefully read introduction of the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the website. You should fill out and submit Expression of Interest only if you understand and agree with the objectives and requirements of work relating to the membership of the Youth Parliament.

Q. How can I confirm that my EOI is submitted correctly online?

Once you submit your EOI, you will receive a confirmation message on your computer screen that will read: Record Submitted Successfully. You will also receive a confirmation email of EOI receipt.

Q. What is the selection criteria for membership of the Youth Parliament Pakistan?

All young Pakistani citizens (including Overseas Pakistanis holding NICOP) and persons of Pakistani origin holding POC aged between 18 and 29 years as of February 1, 2022 are eligible to submit EOIs for membership of the Youth Parliament Pakistan. No bar is placed on educational qualification for membership. Any citizen with a criminal record is not eligible for membership of the Youth Parliament Pakistan. Youth Parliament Pakistan Secretariat has the final authority to accept or not accept an Expression of Interest.

Q. Can Government Employees submit EOIs for membership of the Youth Parliament Pakistan?

Yes, all Pakistanis within the age of 18-29 years are eligible to submit EOIs for membership of the Youth Parliament. Government employees, however, are required to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) signed by their competent authority, alongside Expression of Interest Form or immediately after the submission of EoI. Those employed, be that in Government or private jobs, need to specifically mention that they will be in a position to devote the required time to the Youth Parliament Pakistan sessions and related activities if selected for membership.

Q. Will there be any interviews for selection?

In general, interviews will not be conducted during the selection process of 17th Youth Parliament Pakistan. Your candidacy will be determined by the enthusiasm, past contributions towards a national cause, previous experience of social work and extracurricular activities as mentioned in the EoI. Special interviews via Zoom or Skype may, however be conducted if the Secretariat deems them necessary.

Q. What is the venue of Youth Parliament Pakistan?

Various sessions of the Youth Parliament Pakistan will be held online while at least one in-person session will be held in Islamabad. The detailed rules of procedure of the in-person session will be shared closer to the date of the particular session.

Q. Will there be any special meetings or events at the sessions of the Youth Parliament Pakistan?

Youth Parliament Pakistan will include a packed agenda of talks by various thought leaders, diplomats, geo-strategists, business leaders designed towards skill-building, awareness and training of youth. Talks on Career and Higher Education Choices will also be included as a part of the 17th Youth Parliament.

In the past 16 YPPs, the President of Pakistan, successive Prime Ministers of Pakistan, Chairman Senate, Chief Justice of Pakistan, former British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Federal Ministers, a number of dignitaries and political leaders have addressed and interacted with the Youth Parliament Pakistan. We plan to continue these traditions

Q. Can members of YPP take leave during the Youth Parliament Pakistan sessions?

Members will be expected to attend all sessions of the YPP but leaves applied for in advance may be granted based on legitimate grounds.

Q. Is there a dress code to attend the YPP Sessions once I am selected?

Once selected, Members are expected to always wear formal attire for all sessions. Members are at all times required to observe decorum of the House. A comprehensive orientation session will be conducted for selected members to brief them about the Rules and Procedures and working of the YPP to be observed by all members.

Q. Can visitors observe the proceedings of the Youth Parliament Pakistan?

It is not possible for persons other than the members to participate in the online sessions. However, the in-person session will have a visitor gallery where guests and visitors will be welcomed so that they can watch the proceedings of the National Assembly style Youth Parliament Pakistan. It should be noted that the YPP Secretariat will arrange for media coverage and recording in online and in-person sessions.

Q. What is the difference between an alternate and a primary member?

A primary member is the first-choice member selected on the basis of their evaluation marks while the alternate member is the second-choice member who can be promoted in case the primary member withdraws or opt not to show up during the YPP Sittings. Alternate members are invited to sittings that the Secretariat believes will be beneficial to a larger body such as guest lectures & discussions, constituency work etc.

Q. Why are MYPs evaluated and how will the scores allotted to them be used by the YPP Secretariat?

MYPs are evaluated for their performance, their scores against each criterion will let them know what their strengths are and what they can improve upon. These scores are not being used by the Secretariat for any purposes other than performance feedback.

Q. Is there any official YPP Group be it on Social Media or WhatsApp?

There is no official group created by YPP Secretariat on any social media, however, MYPs are encouraged to exchange their emails, phone numbers and to even create a WhatsApp group of their own for their own benefit.

Q. How will you support our research if any of us would like to conduct it on parliamentary studies?

YPP Secretariat can only offer guidance regarding the National and International data portals, but cannot guarantee an access to any of these through PILDAT. The Secretariat does, however, provide access to PILDAT’s extensive past research and publications. MYPs can send in a formal request to access these publications.

Q. Does YPP provide opportunities to meet any National Parliamentarians including the Heads of the state?

YPP will be conducting guest sessions throughout its term where MYPs will get the chance to interact and learn from policymakers, political leaders, activists, educationists, experts etc.

Q. How can the primary members get to know about the alternate members of their constituencies and how can they contact them if they wish to?

Primary members can meet the alternate members during the YPP sittings. Otherwise, there may not be any need unless specifically told to.