Powered by PILDAT, the Youth Parliament Pakistan invites membership from young Pakistanis based in Pakistan or overseas between the ages of 15-29 years. Much like the previous 16 Youth Parliaments, the 17th Youth Parliament will give young members a unique experience to interact with Pakistani policymakers, thought leaders, defenders of the nation, corporate leaders, social workers, strategists, technologists, high achievers, trend-setters, researchers working on future careers and those who earned good name for the country in any field. The 17th Youth Parliament aims to expand the membership of young people, approximately 100, to participate in a fast-paced programme spanning over 25 plenary and break-out sessions.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan has been conceived and managed by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development And Transparency – PILDAT (www.pildat.org) which is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank of Pakistan dedicated to strengthening democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan. PILDAT serves as the Secretariat of the Youth Parliament Pakistan.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan is a membership-based project. It is not an employment or internship opportunity for Youth; therefore, there is no salary or stipend to be paid to those who are selected as members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan.

Yes, there is a membership fee to join the 17th Youth Parliament Pakistan.

Travel, food and accommodation expenses will be covered in the total cost of the membership fee.

Yes, young Overseas Pakistanis between the ages of 15-29 years on the date mentioned in the advertisement may submit EOIs for the membership. Young persons holding valid Pakistani passport but residing outside Pakistan under legal authorization of the country of residence, or those who themselves or both or one of their parents is of Pakistani origin and the young persons, though citizens of another country, holding a Pakistani Origin Card (POC) issued by the Government of Pakistan are eligible to submit EOIs as Overseas Pakistanis. Once selected, Overseas Pakistani members will need to physically attend the Youth Parliament Pakistan.

The Overseas Members of Youth Parliament and the Honorary Members will have to arrange for the travel costs and other expenses on their own.

With the motto of Pakistaniyat - پاکستانیت -Members of Youth Parliament will learn to carve pathways to professional success through knowledge, intellectual curiosity, empathy and innovation that builds on individual achievements to address local, national, regional and global challenges.

The Youth Parliament Secretariat will monitor the performance of each Member of Youth Parliament. The Secretariat will review the status and will have the authority to make final decision about the performance of each member.

The only way to submit Expression of Interest form is by visiting the website of Youth Parliament Pakistan to fill the form online and submit it online. You have the option to fill Expression of Interest form in English and Urdu and submit it online. The Youth Parliament Secretariat will announce inviting Expressions of Interest and the prescribed deadline on its website.

Before filling-out Urdu or English Forms, please carefully read introduction of the Youth Parliament Pakistan on both forms. You should fill out and submit Expression of Interest only if you understand and agree with the objectives and requirements of work relating to the membership of the Youth Parliament.

Advertisements for Expression of Interests for membership are placed in leading English and Urdu Daily newspapers prior to the start of the term defining the process, guidelines and deadlines for each new Youth Parliament Pakistan. The online Advertisements are also placed on leading English and Urdu newspaper websites, Youth Parliament Pakistan website and announced on all its social media pages including all webpages of PILDAT.

All Pakistani citizens who were 15 years of age and less than 29 years of age on the cut-off date mentioned in advertisement are eligible to submit EOIs for membership of the Youth Parliament Pakistan. No bar is placed on educational qualification for membership. Any citizen with a criminal record is not eligible for membership of the Youth Parliament Pakistan.

Yes, all Pakistanis within the age of 15-29 years are eligible to submit EOIs for membership of the Youth Parliament.

The sessions of the Youth Parliament Pakistan are held at a local hotel in Islamabad.

Special Events and Meetings are arranged during the sessions of the Youth Parliament Pakistan such as meetings with distinguished personalities including the Prime Ministers of Pakistan, Presidents, Chief Justices, etc. The Youth Parliament is addressed by national and international leaders on important issues during the year. Youth Parliament Pakistan will include a packed agenda of talks by various thought leaders, diplomats, geo-strategists, business leaders designed towards skill-building, awareness and training of youth. Talks on Career and Higher Education Choices will also be included as a part of the 17th Youth Parliament.

Previously, the President of Pakistan, successive Prime Ministers of Pakistan, Chairman Senate, Chief Justice of Pakistan, former British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Federal Ministers, a number of dignitaries and political leaders have addressed and interacted with the Youth Parliament Pakistan.

The 17th Youth Parliament is a residential, fast-paced and packed programme of learning, capacity building and interactions in Islamabad for 5 days. During this time, members are not be allowed to take leave.

Once selected, Members are expected to always wear formal attire. Members are at all times required to observe decorum of the House. Casual clothes and shoes such as Jeans and Sneakers, etc., are not allowed to be worn in the proceedings of the Youth Parliament Pakistan. A comprehensive orientation session will be conducted for selected members to brief them about the Rules and Procedures and working of the YPP to be observed by all members.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan has a Visitors Gallery where guests and visitors will be welcome to observe proceedings. Lead sponsors of the Youth Parliament will be allocated time slots to interact with the members. Media coverage and communication to even the youth who are not members of the Youth Parliament will be facilitated.