In Memoriam: The Cherished Souls of the Youth Parliament Pakistan®

July 28: PILDAT and the Secretariat of the Youth Parliament Pakistan® extend their deepest sympathies to the kith and kin of six illustrious members of the 3rd Youth Parliament Pakistan®. These young souls met a tragic end thirteen years ago, on July 28, 2010, when their conveyance, the Air Blue Flight 202, suffered a most grievous mishap.

Such beloved members are spoken of with fondness and reverence by both PILDAT and the Youth Parliament Pakistan®, celebrated for their remarkable talents and leadership. Among them are Mr. Hassan Javed Khan of YP39-SINDH02 from the Blue Party, who held the title of Youth Prime Minister; Syeda Rabab Zehra Naqvi of YP41-SINDH04, also of the Blue Party, who served as the Youth Information Minister; Mr. Prem Chand of YP38-SINDH01, member of the Blue Party, known as the Youth Minister for Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs; Mr. Bilal Nasir Jamaee of YP44-SINDH07 from the Green Party, as the Youth Shadow Minister for Information; Mr. Owais Bin Laiq of YP45-SINDH08, from the same Green Party, Youth Shadow Minister for Information and a member of the Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information; and Syed Arsalan Ahmad of YP42-SINDH05 from the Blue Party, a Member of the Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information. Alas, they, along with many other passengers, met their untimely fate whilst aboard the Airblue flight, en route to Islamabad, with the intent of attending the concluding session of the Youth Parliament Pakistan®.

In honour and memory of these departed souls, PILDAT crafted a Memorial Booklet. This tribute attempts to immortalise the martyred members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan®, detailing their commendable profiles and their dedicated service during their tenure as esteemed members and office bearers.

Upon the 13th anniversary of this mournful incident, the devoted team of PILDAT, its board of directors, and the respected alumni of YPP send forth their heartfelt thoughts and prayers. The grievous loss of these young luminaries, and the void their passing has left in our society, is a sentiment too profound to be merely captured in words.