Key Themes of 18th Youth Parliament Pakistan

Key Themes of 18th Youth Parliament Pakistan

In order to help young people in Pakistan enhance their leadership, public speaking, and policymaking abilities, the Youth Parliament Pakistan® will focus on a number of important subjects. The following are some of the major subjects of Youth Parliament Pakistan®:

  • Civic Education and Engagement: The goal of this subject is to educate young people about democracy and the ways in which they may influence the public policies that have an impact on their daily life.
  • Human Rights and Social Justice: This subject focuses on the value of upholding and defending all forms of human rights, particularly those of women, children, and members of underrepresented groups, as well as on building a more fair and just society.
  • Education and Youth Development: This subject emphasises how essential it is for young people to have a quality education and develop their abilities in order to reach their full potential and contribute to the growth of the nation.
  • Healthcare and Public Welfare: This category discusses topics including access to high-quality healthcare services, lowering poverty rates, and social safety nets.
  • Foreign policy, national security, and diplomacy are all included in this subject, which aids in teaching young people about the intricate geopolitical problems that the nation faces.
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development: This subject emphasises the promotion of climate change mitigation and sustainable development via community involvement, policymaking, and lobbying.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan® equips young people with the information, abilities, and confidence they need to become active and involved citizens and to help create a better future for Pakistan by engaging with these major subjects. Some other thematic areas may include:

  • Tomorrow’s career choices
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public Policy
  • Global & Regional geo-political Context
  • Youth Power & Responsibility
  • Countering extremist ideologies
  • Leadership in business & corporate world
  • Cricket/Sports as Soft Power for Pakistan