Multiform Youth Extremism In Pakistan: 2013-07-30

Extremism has become one of the most crucial challenges faced by Pakistan. It does not just target one but all segments of the society. However, there have not been very meaningful efforts to understand the entire spectrum of extremism in Pakistan, which is the first step towards forming a basis for a practical and cogent policy for thwarting extremism. The paper Multiform Youth Extremism in Pakistan has been commissioned by PILDAT as an attempt to fill this void. The paper defines extremism and identifies conceptual as well as structural differentiation in its wider character and manifestations. A particular focus of this endeavour is to explore insight into whether or not extremism is inherently rooted in the religion or the proponents of extremism only use religion. The paper can also be used as an input by policy planners, decision-makers, analysts and development agencies. Analytical in nature, the paper helps provide adequate space for exploring fresh and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by Pakistan. This peer-reviewed paper has been authored by Mr. Muhammad Feyyaz, an expert on counter-extremism peacekeeping, terrorism and security issues.