Secretariat YPP


As the Youth Parliament Pakistan’s® secretariat, PILDAT provides the following functions:

Youth Parliament Pakistan: General Management and Facilitation: PILDAT, as the initiating and managing organisation, is in charge of general administration and facilitation of the Youth Parliament Pakistan® project to ensure its successful completion. PILDAT serves as a coordinating body for the seamless and effective operation and completion of the Youth Parliament Pakistan® project throughout the procedure.

Role in Candidate Selection: The Youth Parliament Pakistan® Secretariat is in charge of initial screening and shortlisting applicants for interviews based on the analysis of EOI forms.

Payment of Subsistence Allowance to MYPs (IF APPLICABLE): Upon receipt of the travel receipts, PILDAT also pays MYPs’ travelling from locations outside of Rawalpindi/Islamabad subsistence allowance and travel reimbursement.

Indemnification in case of loss: PILDAT does not, however, protect against any losses the MYPs could incur while working on the Youth Parliament Pakistan®.

YPP Secretariat Officials:

Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob
Founder/Secretary General Youth Parliament Pakistan®
President PILDAT

Ms. Amna Kausar
Additional Secretary, Acting Speaker & Manager Youth Parliament Pakistan®
Senior Projects Manager PILDAT

Mr. Saryan Ajmal
Joint Secretary, Deputy Speaker Youth Parliament Pakistan®

Assistant Projects Officer PILDAT