Study Visit Report Of The Youth Parliament Pakistan 2008-09 Delegation To United Kingdom: 2009-07-30

The Study tour of the Youth Parliament to the British Parliament and British political system in general was about the Pakistani Youth understanding the dynamics of the Parliaments and gaining a proper understanding of the whole political system of Britain. It was about equipping the Youth with the useful acumen and information about how things work in the British political system and using that insight back home. It was also about finding out how the British society has developed into what it is today. It’s about communicating with people and understanding what the British population in general and the British Muslims think of their Political system. It was also about understanding the Pakistani Diaspora in Britain and the social balance of a multi-ethnic, multicultural society like Britain. During the visit the delegates met influential personalities in Britain and engaged with them in a two way learning dialogue that was conducive to a better understanding of both Britain and Pakistan