Youth Parliament Of Pakistan 2007 : Mid Term Report: 2007-07-31

PILDAT launched the project of the first ever Youth Parliament Pakistan, as a way to inculcate democratic culture in Pakistani Youth and to facilitate free but structured expression of their views. The Youth Parliament is also seen as a key towards achieving the objective of support for democracy and growth and sustenance of democratic institutions in Pakistan. PILDAT felt it important to engage the Pakistani Youth in healthy discourse and expose them to democratic traditions and culture so that they may be groomed as a civilised, tolerant and peaceful citizens. This mid-term report presents details on the background, objectives, launching and the highlights of the three parliamentary sittings of the Youth Parliament Pakistan. PILDAT, as the secretariat of Youth Parliament looks forward to building upon this learning process through the valuable contribution of the Youth Parliament Members and other supporters so as to make its future sessions more useful. The Youth Parliament Pakistan project received cooperation of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Pakistan while the project is supported by the Global Opportunities Fund of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Germany.