Youth Parliament Pakistan 2009-2010 Study Visit To Uk: 2010-08-31

Study Visit to United Kingdon for a select delegation of the Youth Parliament Pakistan, that is taking place from July 04-09, 2010, has been facilitated by PILDAT to provide an opportunity to the Youth Parliament members to interact with the UK Youth Parliament, understand the workings of the House of Commons, UK, hold interactions with young office bearers of youth wings of UK’s leading political parties and engage in a dialogue with the British youth, especially the Pakistani diaspora, on issues of mutual concern and interest. The key objectives of the Study Visit are to understand the working of the British Political System and engage in a meaningful dialogue with the British youth counterparts on issues of mutual concern and interest. The visit provides opportunities to the delegates to understand the working of the British Parliament and various political parties, especially the key political parties and their youth affiliates. The visit includes interaction with the British youth organizations and engagement in a dialogue with the Pakistani-origin and Muslim community organizations active in the UK, to get an understanding of how civil society organizations hold the democratic system and the government to account or lobby for various causes such as the environment and the human rights and to understand how the executive branch works and how media freedom is protected in the UK. The week-long Study Visit is expected to provide opportunities for the delegates to witness phenomena such as Multi-culturalism in the UK, accountability of the executive, both by the Parliament as well as by the media and the civil society organizations, tolerance for others’ views, secularism, organization and working of the political parties, especially their youth affiliates and their role in the decision-making tiers of those political parties, rule of law and equality before the law and the tradition of scholarship, dialogue and debate in the British society.