Youth Parliament Pakistan 2013: 2013-01-31

Youth Parliament Pakistan is a platform for Pakistani Youth patterned after the National Assembly of Pakistan with 61 members from all over the country. The Youth Parliament membership is selected from across the country for a one-year term. PILDAT formed the first-ever Youth Parliament of Pakistan in the year 2007. After the successful completion of four Youth Parliament terms in 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2012, PILDAT has now launched the fifth term: Youth Parliament Pakistan 2013. Establishment and facilitation of the Youth Parliament is part of PILDAT’s focus on Youth in the country and Youth’s awareness education and training in the norms of politics and democracy in the country. PILDAT strongly feels that sustainable democracy and the sustainability of sound democratic institutions in Pakistan is not possible without youth’s involvement in the democratic and political process even if this involvement is simply as a citizen or voter. The Youth Parliament Pakistan has its own 2-Party system, the Leader of the House and the Leader of the Opposition, a Youth Cabinet, a Shadow Cabinet and Parliamentary Committees. The Youth Parliament Pakistan project is conceived, planned and implemented by PILDAT. It is supported by the Danish International Development Agency, Government of Denmark as recognition of the importance of young people’s involvement in democracy and democratic practices. This Introductory Book presents details about the Youth Parliament Project and the selected members. The project of Youth Parliament greatly benefited from the experience in 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2012. We at PILDAT, as the Secretariat of Youth Parliament Pakistan, look forward to receiving feedback and input of young members and other stakeholders so as to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of this exercise in the future also.