YP131-NA-131 Lahore-IX Arsam Tufail Butt

P131-NA-131 Lahore-IX Arsam Tufail Butt

Arsam graduated from GC University Lahore in Political Science, Law and Economics. During his stint in co-curricular activities as President of two different Student Societies, Arsam organized seminars with Russian and Japanese Ambassadors, a debate on the necessity of tax payment and on the new local government system in collaboration with the Government of Punjab and a Theater play on account of International Women’s day. He has also drafted the Constitution of these societies with some brilliant fellows. He has been a Student Manager of different committees of 3 International Conferences and has looked after the smooth running of all sessions of national and international scholars attending the conference. He is a member of the Youth Standing Committee on National Security – II (External Security and Defence).