“Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP) is a platform that presents an opportunity to push oneself to the limits and test the extent of one's abilities. Through YPP, individuals can discover a refined version of themselves that possesses a deeper understanding of how politics and Parliament work in Pakistan. It is crucial to seize this opportunity and consider every moment spent in YPP as an investment in personal growth. The diverse group of young people one will come in contact with during YPP can serve as valuable resources for learning, and the interactive environment of the program allows for the development of arguments and the cultivation of democratic habits in a fun way. One participant described the exclusive opportunity to make ideological friends from all seven regions of the country as a highlight of YPP, which is unrivaled and provides a way to keep a finger on the pulse of the entire nation. The participant expressed gratitude to the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) for promoting democratic values in Pakistan, where democracy is still in its nascent stage”

Azizullah Surani
YPP 2015

MS Public Health, MS Development Studies, MS Project Management, Communication for Development Manager at United Nations Islamabad


"Youth Parliament Pakistan's experience was a game changer for me. It enabled me to experience and appreciate diversity in its true essence. The interaction with the youth from all across Pakistan and from various professions/educational backgrounds enabled me think beyond my views only. I believe that's one of the most important and effective ways to learn, grow and excel in life. We also got a chance to understand the practical dynamics of politics through visits, discussions and some wonderful sessions by the experts. I would strongly recommend it anyone who wants to grow as a person and add value to their portfolio and the society as a whole."

Adil Rehman
YPP 2016

(A corporate sector professional in finance and business with experience in different multinational companies from different industries)


"Youth Parliament Pakistan® is a school for me where I experienced how Parliament works and legislates, and how to be patient when exposed to ideas you don't like. Interacting with colleagues and policy makers from across Pakistan acquainted me with diversity of culture and thought patterns which is now helping me in my journalistic career. This sounds like a very serious experience, but along the way you will make wonderful memories and great friends."

Sarah Azeemi
YPP 2012

Editor at Bachon ka Qalandar Shaoor (Children’s Spiritual and Scientific Magazine) Writer, Storyteller)


Zile Huma has been in the Civil Services of Pakistan for almost eight years. She holds extensive experience working at the Ministry of Climate Change and the Ministry of Human Rights. Recently, she has been awarded Integrity Icon Pakistan 2021 Award for her honesty and dedication to public service. She went to the University of Oxford, UK to study Public Policy on a Chevening Scholarship 2018-2019. While studying at the University of Oxford, she established the Oxford South Asian Society. She volunteered to develop the world's first Oxford Government Response Tracker. She was included among the top five Master Students of the Year in the UK for the Post Grad Award 2019. She has also authored a book Climate Risks: Mending Relationship with Nature. She has also contributed several articles in leading newspapers of Pakistan on climate change, COVID-19 and won Agahi Award in 2018. Before joining the Civil Services of Pakistan, she was a member of the Youth Parliament Pakistan® (PILDAT) and was selected among the top eight youth parliamentarians for a UK study trip.

Zile Huma
YPP 2010

Civil servant


Ehsen Naveed Irfan YP13-KP02 attended youth parliament in 2009-2010 session. He is currently serving as District Specialist Psychiatrist in KPK government after passing public service commission examination. He has a passion to actively serve treatment for mentally ill, by connecting international with local treatments for the illicit drug users, depression and help the common men in Pakistani suffering due to psychosocial crisis. He is helpful to unite yp members actively in alumni forum. He founded and named Insaf Students Federation in Abbottabad in mid of 2007 where he actively began voicing for change. Similarly he channelised role of social media with the the chairman by using facebook as a tool in 2008 to generate awareness and policy matter. In 2013 upon winning majority seats for Imran Lead KPK government, despite being underage to contest for elections, he was again elected as Founding Central President for Insaf Doctors Forum.

"I would like to inform all those who are applying for the PILDAT Youth Parliament Pakistan® that this platform provides one of the greatest opportunities to meet people and other members of diversified background. It opens new avenues of thinking and learning, which is a great achievement for the members. The real-life parliamentary procedures, the speakers, are truly inspiring and a learning platform. The support, platform, and guidance from PILDAT is truly commendable and one should take full opportunity to take part. As Youth Parliamentarian I made friends, practiced the procedures, passed various motions, raised our voices on social and economic issues and overall, were guided by various MNAs and speakers which is the true spirit of this program."

Hamza Nizam Kazi
YPP 2015
Experienced corporate lawyer


Ch. Fahad Shahbaz Bhutta
YPP 2015
Audit Officer in Finance Department, Govt. of Punjab


Mr. Jawdat Bilal
YPP 2007
Public Policy & Govt. Relations Consultant

Mr. Ashir Azeem Masih
YPP 2007

Mr. Umair Javed
YPP 2007
Registrar, Competition Commission of Pakistan

Mr. Iftikhar Mubarik
YPP 2007
Executive Director, Search for Justice

Mr. Ali Raza Shah
YPP 2007

Ms. Madiha Tallat
YPP 2007
Asst. Manager, LUMS Law School

Mr. Liquat Shahwani
YPP 2007
Spokesperson of the Government of Balochistan

Dr. Sumera Shams
YPP 2007

Senator Qurat ul Ain Marri
YPP 2007

Mr. Javaid Ali Manwa
YPP 2007
Finance Minister of Gilgit Baltistan

Ms. Mariam Raza Zaidi
YPP 2007
Co-Founder & COO of M&B Consultants

"PILDAT's Youth Parliament is among the best non-governmental bodies of young leaders in South Asia. It is incredibly authentic in handling the legal intricacies of parliamentary life. The parliamentary sessions provide an opportunity to understand the dilemmas that law-makers face at every step - drafting legislation, engaging in debates on the floor of the house and lobbying to form cabinet. At times, the role-playing activity is so surreal that some members actually start acting like politicians. That’s why I used to draw its parallel with the Stanford prison experiment, but in different context and settings, and with a twist: The Secretariat! The incredible leadership of Bilal Mehboob Shahab made it a great learning experience."

Mr. Yawar Abbas
YPP 2007
Deputy Head of Mission Embassy of Pakistan, Greece

Mr. Shahzad Zaheer
YPP 2007
Director, Shahzad Group – Petroleum Exploration (PVT) Limited

"Youth Parliament Pakistan grooms young people of Pakistan for their betterment and bright future, through Political and Legislative training. It is one of the best debating platform for young energetic youth to open their minds to vast regional and demographical dimensions. Youth Parliament Pakistan enabled me to step-up and become the voice of all those who never had a voice of their own. It helped me highlight the loopholes in our societal norms."

Ms. Mehvish Muneera
YPP 2007
Company Secretary and General Counsel at The First MicroFinanceBank Ltd Pakistan (FMFB-P)

"It won’t be wrong to term the experience at the YPP (2014-15) as a life changing experience as it turned out to be a nursery for present day politicians, journalists, researchers, academics and much more. The YPP trained us on lines of democratic and parliamentary politics with a focus on strengthening the civil and political institutions in the country. The freedom of expression was something that was encouraged despite all the differences."

Ms. Maria Malik
YPP 2007
Research Director at Balochistan Think Tank Network, Quetta, Balochistan

"I believe that YPP enriched my knowledge and understanding of democratic Government and made me an everlasting supporter of DEMOCRACY. I would ask every young fellow to apply for the 8th Batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan."

Mr. Waqar Pahore
YPP 2015

“For me, Youth Parliament Pakistan’s experience was highly enriching and learning. I got to deliver speeches, draft resolutions, canvassing for votes, interact and argue with the youth from all across Pakistan. With the repertoire of experience and highly competent friends I have made here, I would definitely recommend it to the youth of this country. That we are being heard is the way towards democratization. This is the future. I wish best luck to the upcoming batches.”

Mr. Mahboob Mohsin
YPP 2015

Mr. Safwan Ullah Khan
YPP 2007

“Youth is the weapon of a nation. Youth Parliament Pakistan is the best platform to give a special representation to the FEMALES of our country for the assurance of fruitful generations.”

Ms. Mariam Naqvi
YPP 2015

“YPP platform brings together promising Youth and facilitate them to exchange and understand contrasting ideas. It provides an equal opportunity to the WOMEN to become Members and encourage their participation in the democratic structure of the country.”

Ms. Irum Pervaiz
YPP 2015

“YPP has been an immensely enriching and comprehensively guiding platform. Here I learned to unlearn the theoretical political teachings while familiarizing myself moderately with realpolitik. It's a provocatively awakening project where one gets to know ones potential and the dire need of proactive participation in strengthening democratic institutional building in the country.”

Ms. Amber Arif
YPP 2007

“YPP is playing a vibrant role in making conducive environment for a democratic, peaceful and tolerant Pakistan, of tomorrow, by promoting a culture of debate and discussion. I would highly recommend young people especially FEMALES to come forward, participate, and raise their voice on issues of National importance.”

Ms. Ifrah Waqar
YPP 2015

"Hailing from Balochistan province, I found Youth Parliament Pakistan a significant platform in providing opportunities to young people from different areas of Pakistan. It gave us a chance to represent Pakistan at the International level. I highly encourage the youth and especially those hailing from my province particularly FEMALES to come forward and join Youth Parliament Pakistan"

Mr. Emaad Durrani
YPP 2015

"Youth always ask and demands for an opportunity to participate and learn about the functional politics, its norms and practicality. Youth Parliament Pakistan is a platform where youth can get the necessary training to get started with their political aspirations, but most importantly groom themselves professionally and also into a more responsible citizen of Pakistan.”

Ms. Zoha Khalid
YPP 2015

"I feel lucky enough to be associated with Youth Parliament Pakistan family. This platform didn't just give me the knowledge about how Parliament works but I had also the chance to meet and interact with people from all parts of Pakistan. PILDAT has done a tremendous job by forming a mock Parliament for the young women and men of Pakistan. I am honoured to be part of YPP"

Mir Umar Jaffar Thaheem
YPP 2015

“The learning at Youth Parliament Pakistan was inculcated in an interactive environment that allowed for developing arguments and cultivating democratic habits albeit in a fun way. Personally for myself, the highlight of YPP was the exclusive opportunity provided for making lasting ideological friends from all seven regions of the country - this is unrivalled and allows one to keep fingers on the pulse of the entire nation. I am grateful to PILDAT for helping promote democratic values in Pakistan where democracy is in its nascent stage"

Mr. Asad Palijo
YPP 2015

"I was selected to become a member of the Youth Parliament Pakistan(PILDAT) in 2008. It was an enriching experience, that instilled in my 18 year old self, a passion for social change. We went through simulations of the parliamentary proceedings; got trainings from esteemed sitting Parliament members like Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi, Ms. Anusha Rehman, Mr. Khurram Dastagir, Ms. Donya Aziz, and the PILDAT team, and also got to interact with most of all the political leaders in the country. My participation in the Youth Parliament didn't translate into a career in politics, but it helped me understand greatly, the problems in Pakistan, and the role an individual can play for social change in the country. I highly recommend it to 18-29 year olds."

Ms. Hira Batool Rizvi
YPP 2008-2009

"YPP is a platform which will make you retest your limits and the extent of your abilities. You will find a more refined version of yourself who has a deeper insight in how politics and Parliament work in Pakistan. Make the most of this opportunity and one thing: take every second of your time in YPP as an investment on yourself and learn from the diverse young people you will come in contact with"

Ms. Anusheh Bakht Aziz
YPP 2015